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Attend our next Discovery Session—either online or in person—to hear from faculty and alumni about the benefits of our 12‑month master's degree program.

A Degree That Leads to Advancement

Graduates of our program possess the knowledge they need to move up within their organization. 

A Good Supply Chain Manager Improves the Bottom Line

Supply chain management connects the dots among parties involved in bringing goods or services to market. Better coordination decreases lead times & inventory and increase profits.

Capstone Project Provides Real Results

Each student in our one-year program brings a problem from the workplace to solve with theories & methods taught in the program. These solutions result in big savings in the workplace.


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What Makes Our Program Different

A professional who has earned the Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Wright State University is empowered to make transformational change in the workplace. The tools, knowledge, and insight gained in this 12-month program cover all aspects of supply chain management. The degree is an excellent choice for professionals who are already on a leadership track and have the drive to become an even more integral player in their organizations. Read more about